10 Best Solid Colognes for Men

Updated January 2023

100% Natural

Walton Wood Farm’s The Gentleman

Editor's Pick

Ulio & Jack’s Solid Cologne Explorer

Best Value

Duke Cannon - Vetiver and Oakmoss

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Liam Carson

Liam Carson

Most colognes for men on are alcohol-based, meaning the chemicals are dissolved into an alcoholic base so that the smell dissipates quickly and projects powerfully through the air.

But to some, alcohol can be an irritant on the skin, making colognes uncomfortable to wear.

And just because alcohol-based colognes are abundant, does not mean they are in any way superior over oil-based colognes or solid colognes.

In a lot of cases where subtlety is required, a solid perfume shines much brighter than an alcohol-based one.  Plus, they are kinder on the skin!

Here are the best solid colognes 2021!

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Solid Perfumes Ranked by Cologne Critic

Editor's Pick

Best Overall Solid Cologne - Ulio & Jack’s Explorer

Why we chose it

If there is a prize for the best smelling solid cologne, Explorer will come very close to snatching the grand prize! Featuring a masculine and modern scent that takes inspiration from true explorers, this scent will be an excellent choice for dinner nights or semi-formal parties.

The cologne is a fresh floral scent, accentuated by the note of peppermint. On the first application, the notes of grapefruits, bergamot, and jasmine burst onto the scene. Then, the note of peppermint will gradually become more and more prominent, before taking centre stage.

Ulio & Jack’s Explorer is a sleek choice for gentlemen who look for a modern scent that is both playful and deep. Its projection and longevity are quite moderate, so rest assured this will last you through the day.

100% Natural

Vegan Friendly Cologne - Walton Wood Farm’s The Gentleman

Our Take

A long-lasting solid cologne for true modern gentlemen, this fantastic fragrance is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique but simple scent to wear every day.

The scent first blooms with fresh citrusy notes, which will draw a lot of attention to you as people pass you by on the street. After about 30 minutes, the scent dries down a little bit, and its woody facets begin to take the stage. Notes of mahogany and sandalwood form the warm and sexy base of this top solid cologne.

This perfume is 100% vegan and natural. It is quite long-lasting, but the projection is only moderate.

Wear this to the office to keep you smelling so fresh and so clean all day long.

Best Value

Best Value for Money - Duke Cannon Solid Cologne Special Issue - Vetiver and Oakmoss

Our Take

Vetiver and oakmoss are a note combination that can never go wrong on a classy man.

This chic and understated dry cologne is an excellent choice for men who just can’t stand the persistent and overwhelming scent of most modern colognes.

Combining the classic warmth of oakmoss and the masculinity of woody vetiver, this wax cologne is the embodiment of a modern man, neatly captured in a tin box.

Upon application, it bursts open like the smell of fresh air when you are standing in the middle of a wide-open field, evoking the scent of true freedom and adventures.

You really can’t go wrong with this fragrance, even if the projection is pretty soft and it does not last very long.

Wear this solid perfume on your neck before meeting your business partner or your date.

Otter Wax Spruce Cologne Solid

Our Take

Spruce is a rarely seen note in the world of perfumery, which is a shame because its unique woody scent really adds an exotic touch to the perfume. Fortunately, fans of spruce can rejoice, as this fantastic hard cologne evokes the real smell of the spruce tree.

This solid perfume is all about woods. It starts with the unmistakably powdery note of Virginia cedarwood and spruce, mixed together for a genuinely manly scent that evokes an autumnal forest scene. Notes of classic sandalwood and Douglas fir join the woody serenade, with hints of citruses in the background.

A warm and reassuring fragrance for reliable men, this fantastic solid cologne should definitely earn a spot in your fall/winter collection.

Its projection and longevity are both moderate, so it’s a reliable addition to your collection.

Most suited for intimate date nights or nights out with familiar friends. You can even enjoy it alone!

Duke Cannon Men’s Solid Cologne - Oak Barrel

Our Take

The smell of sturdy oak barrels is one of our secret guilty pleasures. Warm, intimate, and intoxicating like true scotch, this scent is a perfect companion for a romantic gentleman on a cold winter night.

Luckily, this solid cologne has been exceptionally successful in replicating the scent of real oak barrels.

This one is a warm and sensual perfume that does not overwhelm you or your date. Its structure is relatively simple, with the note of woody oak barrel dominating the entire olfactory pyramid. If you have a discerning nose, you are sure to catch the subtle whiff of fine bourbon and warm vanilla.

If you are looking to impress your date with an unforgettable scent, this is the perfect choice for you. The cologne is long-lasting, and the projection is pretty heavy for a solid cologne.

Outlaw Cologne Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne

Our Take

Saddle up, cowboys! The best Wild-West-themed solid cologne is here! Sexy, charming, and rugged like a true cowboy from the Frontier days, this solid cologne will boost your confidence and your own sexiness immensely.

The star of the cologne is a warm and rugged combination of the notes of leather and gunpowder, invoking the wild spirit of Western USA during the Gold Rush.

The scent mellows down thanks to the herbal note of sagebrush and the woody note of sandalwood. It’s a strong scent for sure, but if you can get past the initial blast, you will soon realize that this Wild West charm has enchanted you, along with your date.

Wear this on a night with your partner or close friends only, as not many are accustomed to the scent of leather. The projection is substantial, and the perfume is long-lasting, a real solid-cologne powerhouse!

Outlaw Cologne The Gambler Solid Cologne

Our Take

Another solid offering from the house of Outlaw Cologne. In the same vein as Blazing Saddles, this fragrance brings to mind the chaos and lawlessness of the Wild West, this time through a table of poker in a crowded saloon.

This fragrance is a warm boozy solid cologne, with notes of bourbon and tobacco taking the spotlight. Upon the first application, its charming and refined scent will immediately take your mind away to a 19th-century saloon.  

After a while, the comforting and reassuring note of light leather slowly creeps in, adding a warm touch to the fragrance.

A comforting and sensual scent, this solid cologne is a solid choice for the gentleman who doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd.

Wear this scent on your first date to impress her on the spot. The projection and longevity on this one are well-performing and reliable.

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne Special Issue – Birchwood

Our Take

There is nothing as comforting as the scent of birchwood on a cold winter night, and this fantastic wax cologne is simply a forest of majestic birch trees in a small tin.

It starts off with a soft and zesty scent, with prominent notes of lemon and bergamot, instantly taking you to a bright morning in autumn. As it dries down, notes of aged woods, amber, and white musk take over the fragrance, giving it a warm and cosy edge, almost as if you were resting in a wood cabin after a day of exploring the wood.

Comforting and unique, this is truly a special creation from Duke Cannon. You should wear this fragrance on a camping trip where its reassuring scent will slowly lull you to a warm sleep. The longevity is moderate, and the projection is quite soft, making it a subtle choice for the discernable gentleman.

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne Special Issue - Light Musk and Neroli

Our Take

Nothing says summer better than neroli, and this solid cologne will be your perfect pick-me-up choice during the hot summer days!

Neroli is a bright and intoxicating note that is widely used in the world of perfumery, but few have done it as beautifully as in this solid cologne. The neroli note here is done just right, not too overwhelming and not too soft. The result is a fresh and green neroli notes with a touch of floral delight resting on an alluring base of sandalwood, amber, and light musk.

This is a very straightforward fragrance that should make your summer days less frustrating. Wear it in the office in summer. Both longevity and projection are soft, so this won’t cause offence to anyone with a sensitive nose.

Bearded Gentleman Scholar Men’s Solid Cologne - Vanilla Tobacco

Our Take

Evoking the classic scents of tobacco-vanilla-based colognes with an exciting twist, this hard cologne is an excellent choice for men who prefer the scents of a bygone era.

Aptly named Scholar, this cologne will bring you back to a classic Victorian study, with piles of books, a majestic armchair, and your trusty cigar by your side. After 30 minutes, the scent of bourbon vanilla slowly takes over, rounding the edge of the cigar note and giving the cologne a warm aspect.

This is not just your typical fragrance. It is a nostalgic creation that will send you on a round trip to the past.

This is the perfect fragrance to wear on formal occasions, especially classy parties, with a touch of nostalgia. The longevity is outstanding, and the scent projects well.

Expert Tips

A solid cologne is one that does not use water, alcohol, or oil as its base. It is mostly made from beeswax or other solid materials. As a result, most solid colognes are vegan and environmentally friendly.

First, rub a put a tiny bit of cologne on the tip of your finger. Then, rub it on your pulse points such as on your neck, on your wrists, and on your shoulders. You could reapply every 4-6 hours if you feel that the scent is fading.

Solid colognes don’t project as well as alcohol-based ones. Still, they are solid choices for men who don’t want to overwhelm others with their cologne.

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