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Updated January 2023

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Hydro Body Wash Smoother Swagger

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Classic Cologne Spray

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Liam Carson

Liam Carson

Old Spice is a one-stop shop for all your personal care needs. Whether it’s a cologne spray, body wash, deodorant, or haircare products, Old Spice is the go-to brand of choice for thousands of men. This iconic American company started its life in the early 1930s as a women’s grooming brand before switching to men’s products a few years later. Old Spice is best known for its cologne and shaving products, as the brand was one of the first to introduce fragrance into personal care products.

In 1990, Old Spice was purchased by P&G and given a rebranding to present a more contemporary look. The product range was also expanded to include other personal care products like deodorants and beard products to help attract a younger demographic of customers. This brand is one of the most affordable on the market, making it easily accessible for anyone wanting to give their daily routine a refresh with clean, masculine scents. We’re giving you a snapshot of some of Old Spice’s most popular products that are a staple in any man’s bathroom cabinet.the

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Best Overall Scent - Old Spice Classic Cologne Spray

Why we chose it

This product is what kickstarted the Old Spice brand and it’s still in their cologne today. Not many brands give you the opportunity to wear the same classic scent that your grandfather did. Although the name has changed several times throughout the years, the scent has remained consistent since its inception in 1938.

This spicy oriental cologne could become your signature scent, opening with a blend of citrus and earthy notes. Aidehydes, lemon, nutmeg, orange, and star anise sit in the top notes, giving it a freshening scent that works for every season. The base notes are unapologetically masculine, with ambergris, cedar, musk, and tonka bean.

The Old Spice classic cologne is nostalgia in a bottle, reminding you of a more idealist time and reconnecting you to the past generations. This is a smooth cologne that with softer notes of cinnamon, jasmine, and carnation that gives the scent its versatility and classic feel.

Body Wash

Best Body Wash Scent - Hydro Body Wash, Smoother Swagger

Our Take

Wake yourself up with this hydro body wash by Old Spice. The brand’s ‘Smoother Swagger’ scent is fresh without being too understated. Like every man, it has a friskier side. It contains notes of crisp apple and herbs for a refreshing scent that revitalizes your body and mind, making it the perfect wakeup call.

You get the classic masculine scent along with the hydration of the body wash, tackling odour while getting rid of dirt from your skin.

Hydro Body Wash, Pure Sport Plus

Our Take

This ‘genie in a bottle’ product soothes your dry skin, removes dirt, and leaves a lingering scent that personifies the idea of the modern gentleman. ‘Pure Sport Plus’ is the cleanest of the Old Spice scents, ideal for your post-workout shower to leave you smelling fresh without overpowering your cologne or deodorant.

This variant is a more potent fragrance than the classic ‘pure sport’ scent, perfect for those days when your body needs a little extra TLC. It’s part of the brand’s ‘Hardest Working Collection’, which cleans your body while leaving a fresh scent behind.

Old Spice Body Wash, Fiji

Our Take

Do you want to feel like you’re on vacation 365 days a year? The ‘Fresh Fiji’ scent is exactly what it says on the tin. Start your day off right with this body wash and it’s refreshing scent of coffee, coconut, and lavender. It’s masculine without being overpowering, layering under your cologne and deodorant.

Fresher Fiji is the perfect base scent, allowing you to reconnect with nature with a scent that transports you to the world of pina coladas and palm trees. Old Spice promises that you’ll step out of your shower feeling and smelling “manlier than ever”.


Best Old Spice Deodorant for Men - Bearglove

Our Take

Our pick for the best Old Spice deodorant is the ‘Bearglove’ scent. This fresh deodorant gives you the confidence boost you need. It’s one deodorant that will make everyone stop and ask you what you’re wearing. It’s refreshing masculine and clean, blending citrus notes and apple with spice for a no-nonsense smell that you’ll be reaching for every day.

This deodorant offers you up to 24 hours of protection, with the Bearglove scent cancelling out your unwanted body odour to put you back in control. Old Spice describes this scent as being “for the command man”.

Aluminum Free

Old Spice Deodorant - Aqua Reef Scent

Our Take

Escape the chaos of everyday life with this cypress scented deodorant, which gives you 24 hours of protection with a refreshing smell of citrus notes like lemon. The scent will remind you of floating on the water while on vacation, eloping you in a refreshing smell to help you channel your inner gentleman.

This blue stick deodorant tackles your underarm body odour, leaving you smelling fresh with one application. You’ll want to throw this deodorant into your work bag to top up with to take you from day to night. Old Spice claims this scent “transforms unfresh men into legends of confidence”.

Old Spice Deodorant - Wolfthorn Scent

Our Take

Another deodorant to keep on your radar is the ‘Wolfthorn’ scent. As the name suggests, this product takes its inspiration from wolves, giving it a unique scent that makes it stand out against some of the more muted options within the Old Spice catalogue.

The smell is sweet, with a focus on orange notes that gives it an elevated masculine feel. Old Spice describe this deodorant as being a signature scent for the man who “wants to unleash the power of the beast beneath the people-clothes”.

Other Old Spice Products We Considered

Shampoo and Conditioner 2 in 1, Swagger for Men

Our Take

Old Spice market this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner as having a “legendary smell” that is meant to make you “smell like a man”. The scent balances citrus notes of lime against muskier ones like cedarwood, giving you masculinity that is self-assured and confident. This product cuts down your shower time and is ideal for throwing into your gym or overnight bag.

Like the other Old Spice haircare products, this 2-in-1 takes its inspiration from the ones used by professional barbers, recreating the barbershop quality without the price tag. Not only will this 2-in-1 revitalise your hair, but it’ll also leave a lingering scent of lime and cedarwood that helps to amplify your cologne.

Old Spice Pomade

Our Take

This is the best bang for your buck pomade on the market, retailing for around $7. It gives your hair a medium hold, strong enough to withstand the weather, without weighing down your hair with excess product. Unlike other pomades, it doesn’t create a shiny finish that can sometimes give your hair a greasy consistency.

The Old Spice pomade is made using beeswax, with a refreshing tropical inspired scent that focuses on notes of coconut and wood. This product gives you salon quality without the price tag and is a daily must-have for anyone with stubborn hair. You can use it to add a subtle scent that lingers in your hair.

High Hold, Matte Finish Hair Gel - Swagger

Our Take

Give your hair the strong hold it needs with the classic Old Spice scent. The Swagger Gel is a best-selling product for the brand and one of its most popular haircare items. You can put your hair through anything with this gel, which gives you a moderate shine without appearing greasy. This hair gel has the ‘Swagger’ scent that Old Spice is famous for, a masculine smell that mixes lime and cedarwood without being overpowering. The brand describe this as the “scent of confidence” and is a must-have on any list of haircare products. It’ll freshen up your look, leave you smelling great, and unlock your inner gentleman.

With its matte finish, you can use this hair gel to create a myriad of looks, from sleek pulled-back looks to spikes. The gel incorporates the same signature masculine scent of lime and cedarwood that appears across the Old Spice product range.

Our Take

Your beard can instantly change your look. The Old Spice beard balm allows you to step-up your beard game with a product that helps control your hairs and shape them by making the hair more flexible. It helps to smooth your flyaways for a sleekier finish, while conditioning your hair follicles to encourage beard growth.

Old Spice describe this scent as being a “1 – 2 ­punch”, opening with a clean and fresh aroma with a subtle twist of lemon and lime. It’s just the refreshing that you’ll be reaching for all year round, layering seamlessly with your daily cologne. This balm is a must-have for anyone who wants to get their beard under control without compromising the scent of their other body products.

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