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Updated January 2023


Jimmy Choo Man

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Jimmy Choo Man Intense

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Jimmy Choo Man Blue

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Liam Carson

Liam Carson

Jimmy Choo is a brand famous for its luxury high-fashion shoes and accessories, but did you know that this fashion house also designs some of the most amazing colognes for men out there?

aq to their unique and long-lasting scents.

The brand has really taken long steps with their fragrances, and some of these colognes might actually rival niche brands in terms of uniqueness and longevity! For this reason, if you are looking for a signature perfume, Jimmy Choo colognes are actually excellent choices.

Can’t really choose which top-rated Jimmy Choo cologne is the best one for you? Keep reading to check out our view on the best Jimmy Choo creations!

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Editor's Pick

Best Overall Jimmy Choo Cologne - Man Intense


Why we chose it

If Jimmy Choo Man is a bit too tame for your taste, then Jimmy Choo Man Intense will definitely blow you away with its spicy-fruity blast. Truly a good contender for the title, the best-smelling Jimmy Choo cologne! 

It starts off an initial blast of fruity melon and citrusy mandarin orange, accentuated by a hint of lavender. Then, as the headnotes fade a little, a combination of bitter artemisia and spicy black pepper creeps in, adding a mysterious and dark touch to the scent as a whole. The base notes form a sweet and slightly incense-y cloud projecting from you, with a very prominent presence of the notes of labdanum, tonka beans, and patchouli.

This cologne is a highly versatile one. It is crowd-pleasing enough to be used in some work environments (though you should really be extra careful not to overspray).

It shines amazingly on date nights, as the scent is pretty unique, and your date will definitely remember the fragrance vividly. Apply just a spray or two to your pulse points to sweeten the smell of the evening air.

Its longevity is noticeably much more long-lasting than Jimmy Choo Man, but the projection might be a bit underwhelming to some.  Despite this, it’s definitely a fine choice.

Main Accords

  • Balsamic
  • Aromatic
  • Fresh Spicy


Classic Scent - Jimmy Choo Man

Our Take

This is the first men’s cologne released by the house, and it certainly created quite the sensation at the time of release. Boasting a refined and elegant presence, this cologne will definitely be an excellent choice for the modern and confident gentleman.

Featuring a bright and powerful opening of pineapple with a slight hint of intoxicating lavender, this cologne establishes its presence very quickly, taking only a few minutes to make everyone turn their head.

The note of red pepper adds a fresh spicy touch to the cologne, which complements the note of lavender very beautifully. As the initial blast dies down, the sensual and animalic note of suede, along with a tinge of a metallic note, creeps in and dominates the entire structure.

Even though it contains the note of suede, which is typically quite offensive to some people, this eau de toilette is very tame, so you can actually wear it to work with little afterthought.

The downside is that the longevity is not very good, and the projection after the initial blast is quite soft.

Main Accords

  • Fruity
  • Sweet
  • Aromatic

Best Value

Best Value for Money - Jimmy Choo Man Blue

Our Take

Jimmy Choo Man Blue is a cologne with a fascinating concept. It seeks to do away with the formal-informal split in the world of perfumery, looking for, instead, a blend that genuinely blurs the formal-informal line.

The result is this cologne, whose name invokes a neat and classy designer suit that is sporty at the same time. It is definitely a good choice for both formal and informal social situations. 

Like a dark blue suit, this cologne is both playful and introspective. The opening is a burst of fresh spicy notes of black pepper and clary sage, accentuated by lavender and bergamot. As the scent reaches closer to middle notes, the leathery facet of the cologne becomes much more prominent, and the note of ambergris helps to add a smoky-sweet touch that perfectly aligns with the soft vanilla.

The base notes of sandalwood and vetiver form an excellent warm-woody base for the cologne as it reaches closer to the dry-down.

True to its concept, this inoffensive scent can be used in both formal and informal contexts. However, it certainly would shine beautifully in a party. Pair this with your most elegant suit and crisp white shirt for an unforgettable combo.

Its longevity and projection are both on the weaker side, so spray liberally!

Main Accords

  • Woody
  • Aromatic
  • Fresh Spicy

Jimmy Choo Man Ice

Our Take

When the heat of summer has become unbearable for you, it’s time to brighten up your day with a spray of Jimmy Choo Man Ice, a new Jimmy Choo cologne!

Boasting a refreshing and bright scent, along with excellent performance for a citrus-centric cologne, this fragrance from the house of Jimmy Choo will surely be a marvelous choice for hot summer days!

Upon the first spray, the cologne blooms with a blast of citric delight. Notes of yuzu, bergamot, and mandarin orange dance harmonically with one another to create a truly uplifting fragrance.

The blast lasts for about 15-20 minutes before it fades away into the background, leaving the stage to a combo of fresh spicy-woody notes, with a very prominent presence of earthy vetiver and patchouli.

There is also a slight trace of green apple to add a fruity touch to the cologne. The base notes of oakmoss and musk make the cologne much more pleasing as the scent reaches the end of its performance.

Like most citrus colognes, this one could be used in a lot of different social situations, even when you are fresh out of the gym!

If you need a pick-me-up choice when going to the beach and enjoy summer, don’t hesitate to choose this cologne. It might not be the best choice to wear on a date night, though, as it does not project that far, and there are plenty of better options from the house for this occasion.

Its longevity is pretty impressive for a citrus cologne, so you can be confident that this will last you through the night.

Main Accords

  • Citrus
  • Musky
  • Woody

Jimmy Choo Man Urban Hero

Our Take

This new cologne from the house of Jimmy Choo bears resemblances to the classic Jimmy Choo Man, albeit with a much more intense and sensual twist.

Invoking the image of a rebellious urban man who is full of mischief and fun, this sexy cologne will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd with its leathery scent.

This woody-spicy cologne starts off with a heavy dose of intense black pepper, rounded at the edge by a soft citrusy presence from the note of finger limes. After a while, the notes of rosewood and vetiver begin to unfold, adding a woody touch to the cologne that does not feel very overwhelming.

Here and there is a faint presence of the note of leather, which does not reveal itself in its fullest until the base notes.

A tremendous woody scent with a just-right amount of leather, this scent is truly an amazing men’s cologne from the house.

This scent would be more suitable for formal occasions, as a leather note is pretty inoffensive, and the black pepper blast comes across as powerful and will undoubtedly help you to work the room.

The scent projects pretty well, but the longevity really could do better. You could counter this by reapplying the scent from time to time, depending on your needs.

Main Accords

  • Woody
  • Leather
  • Fresh Spicy

Jimmy Choo has not developed an impressive portfolio of fragrances for men, but what they have accomplished is truly impressive. Each of their cologne feels different, and each will offer a completely different range of emotions.

Although offering a small, niche line-up of fragrances, when it comes to Jimmy Choo, it’s clear they have placed quality over quantity.

Expert Tips

Jimmy Choo is one of the most famous high-fashion brands in the world, even though it is relatively new on the scene.

The brand’s story starts in the early 90s when the brand’s founder, Mr. Jimmy Choo, a Brit of Malaysian descent, started making bespoke shoes to his clientele in his East End-based shop. His clients were London’s most elegant socialites, including Lady Diana herself!

Mr. Choo’s business slowly became a success. In 1996, he created the Jimmy Choo company with the help of his niece, who was, at the time, the head of the East End atelier’s design department.

Jimmy Choo’s bold and daring design, along with the brand’s exceptional Italian craftsmanship, has won the heart of thousands of clients around the world, rocketing the brand to extraordinary success in just a few years after its founding.

The company is also the first to bring shoes and handbags to Hollywood red-carpet events, starting the trend that is still relevant even as of today.

Consecutive successes in the field of fashion have encouraged the brand to invest in other products such as fragrances, sunglasses and leather goods. The brand now owns as many as 200 stores around the world, and it is present in the world’s most luxurious shopping centers and department stores.

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