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Updated January 2023

Masculine Scent

AXE Body Spray Essence

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English Laundry Arrogant

Premium Scent

Hugo Boss Man On-the-Go Spray​

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Liam Carson

Liam Carson

Smelling great is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself.  First impressions count, so smelling good, especially on a date night, will certainly help your chances.

However, the reality is that not everyone can afford expensive perfumes or colognes, and sometimes, especially after a gym session, cologne is not the optimal choice.

This is where a body mist for men steps in.

Although body mists typically won’t have the beast-mode performance of some fragrances, they are inexpensive and readily available, so you can easily keep yourself smelling fresh without breaking the bank.

Now we can’t mention body sprays without mentioning AXE.  With such a wide range in their collection, AXE come very close to being the most convenient and best-smelling body sprays out there.  But they are not the only option.

Here are our best picks for the best AXE body spray, as well as some excellent alternatives. 

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Editor's Pick

Best Overall Body Spray - English Laundry Arrogant

Why we chose it

English Laundry is a famous apparel brand that offers an excellent choice of menswear, from casual items to luxury suits. The brand is also famous for its range of high-quality fragrance that work beautifully in almost all social situations. It is probably the most famous male body spray from the designer, and rightly so!

True to its name, Arrogant is the scent of a confident yet charming gentleman who does not shy away from being the center of attention.

This long-lasting scent for men opens with a blast of bergamot and cedarwood, giving the  a fresh and deep edge. As it dries down, the classic notes of lavender and coriander add a sensual touch to the cologne. The base notes of amber and sandalwood form a lovely woody base that will work to elevate your mood.

This is a great body spray for date nights, as the scent is very refined and mature. It also lasts very long so you won’t have to reapply regularly.

Masculine Scent

AXE Body Spray Essence

Our Take

Don’t be fooled by its price tag! This body spray may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean that this is of inferior quality.

Axe Essence spray is a strong and masculine scent that will be a perfect pick-me-up option whenever you need to freshen yourself up.

Upon the first spritz, it unleash its dark and woody magic, mesmerizing those who cross your path. Here and there is a soft hint of oriental spice that adds a rugged edge to the body spray, a modern touch that every scent needs.

This reassuring and sensual scent is the perfect choice for a casual night out with your friends. Its projection is enormous, so you should refrain from over spraying, and it should be able to last 5-7 hours.

Premium Scent

Hugo Boss Man On-the-Go Spray

Our Take

Hugo Boss Man On The Go is a fantastic spray for busy men who are always on the go. Featuring a classy aromatic scent with a hint of wood, this cologne will help you smell good and fresh whenever the need arises.

Opening with a blast of fresh citruses and a fruity touch from the note of green apple, this  will take your breath away with its alluring head notes.

After a while, the citrusy notes fade away, leaving behind a faint fruity scent with a wood touch from the note of pine and a spicy hint of star anise. A fresh and bright fragrance that works like a charm!

This on-the-go spray is your best companion when you are on a business trip or a vacation. It is not as long-lasting as the cologne version, but for a body spray, its longevity certainly is impressive. Even then, its projection is pretty soft, so you won’t have to be afraid of offending anyone.

Calvin Klein Eternity Acqua

Our Take

Calvin Klein Eternity is one of the most popular colognes from the house of Calvin Klein. If you want to indulge in its citrusy and aquatic aspect a little bit further, then Eternity Aqua will definitely be a great choice.

The cologne blooms with the accord of cold cucumber, mingled with water lily, bringing the fresh and comforting sea breezes to mind. Then the oceanic notes fade away, leaving behind notes of lavender, plum, and cedarwood, adding a delightful soft floral woody to the cologne.

The dry down is a lovely warm woody base, accentuated by clean musk and earthy patchouli.

In general, this cologne is a good choice if you want to freshen yourself up after a gym session. It does not last since it is a citrus, aquatic cologne, but its strong projection should be able to make it up for this shortcoming.

Tommy Bahama St. Barts

Our Take

Taking you on a journey from the busy city to the Caribbean, where the warm sea breeze brushes past, this cologne from Tommy Bahama is one of the most popular choices from the brand.

It opens with a refreshing blast of fresh lime and tequila, along with a fresh-salty accord of sea breeze and a hint of agave. These head notes will instantly take you to a Caribbean beach, where you can sit back and enjoy the calming waves while sipping your mojito.

After the initial blast fades away, the notes of guava and green leaves add more depth to the cologne, before the entire scent rests on a soft vanilla base with a musky hint.

Use this spray when you are on casual hangouts with your friends. Although it is a fresh cologne, it is not the optimal choice for after-gym refreshment since the ultra-citrusy notes mixed with tequila and agave are relatively light.

Both the projection and longevity are average, so you can even use this to freshen up midday in the office.

AXE Body Spray Dark Temptation

Our Take

Another contender for the best-smelling AXE spray, Dark Temptation, certainly has a unique scent profile. Dark, sensual, and sexy with a heavy touch of chocolate, this body spray is one of the best choices when you need a mature scent to go with your suit.

Sweet and tempting, slowly lulling all your senses, this Dark Temptation is a sensual cocoa bomb, mixed with a touch of spice. Here and there is a faint hint of peppercorn, which balances out the sweet facet of the note of chocolate. The base is composed of the warm amber note, almost like the loving embrace of your loved one.

Like all AXE body sprays, this one is a beast when it comes to projection and longevity, so be mindful of how much you apply, or you can overdo it. More suited to a drink with the guys, we recommend avoiding use on dates.

Kenneth Cole Vintage Black

Our Take

Featuring a beautiful falcon and a fantastic fresh citrusy scent, Kenneth Cole Vintage Black will never fail you when you need to freshen up to stave away the heat of summer.

The opening of the cologne might remind you of the classic Tommy Bahama St. Barts, with the same lime and tequila combo that brings to mind a Caribbean beach. However, as it dries down, the scent takes on a different approach. It does not become more tropical as in St. Barts, but instead, it turns into a fresh-spicy cologne, thanks to the note of black pepper, sandalwood, and oakwood.

It is, at its core, a fresh citrusy cologne, but it does have a lot of depth in the dry down that other citrusy colognes lack, so you won’t find it too dull.

In fact, it works like a charm and is a pleasant office scent for hot summer days. Its longevity is moderate, and the projection is pretty soft, so don’t hesitate to over spray just a little.

Kenneth Cole Mankind

Our Take

Mankind is arguably the most popular fragrance from the house of Kenneth Cole, and not without a good reason! The cologne is fresh, intense, and masculine with a heavy dose of pineapple and fresh woods.

The opening is a pleasant blast of herbal and fruity notes. The note of pineapple immediately establishes itself as the central theme of the masterpiece, as its presence remains very prominent throughout the entire scent structure.

After the initial blast dries down, the cologne becomes much woodier thanks to the notes of cedarwood and vetiver, and there is a hint of spice from the note of fresh ginger. The base is a classic oakmoss-musk combination, mixed with a touch of sweetness from the note of tonka.

This is a fresh woody cologne, so it should be more appropriate for nights out than for the office. For an EDT, its longevity is pretty impressive, along with its projection.

AXE Body Spray Black

Our Take

You don’t always need a screeching cologne to grab people’s attention. Sometimes, a few spritz from this understated body spray will do the trick!

With a fresh and spicy opening, which includes notes of bergamot and rosemary, this charming cologne will project far and wide, allowing you to assert your presence wherever you go.

Let it dry down a little, and the scent will develop into woody heaven, with a very prominent hint of soothing cedarwood.

This body spray works fantastically if you wear it on casual hangouts with friends. Inexpensive, it’s also a good choice for wearing to school or college.

Bath and Body Works Ocean

Our Take

Bringing to mind the deep blue of the ocean, this body spray will wash away all of your worries and bathe you in an invigorating aroma, re-energizing you for a busy day.

Ocean first blooms with a green touch from the note of cypress. This green note goes exceptionally well with the breezy accord of coastal air, perfectly replicating the image of a beach on a particularly windy day.

The dry down is a dry vetiver base with a fresh accord that complements the scent perfectly.

This relaxing scent is a fantastic casual pick-me-up on hot summer days when you might need a calming respite from the heat. The projection and longevity might not be that impressive. Still, you can always counter this by reapplying every now and then.

Don’t freak out if you don’t have the perfect cologne for your night out! A body spray can fill its place, leaving you smelling great without costing a fortune!

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